Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Blah, paperwork for WOYWW

My desk is no fun this week.
I've left my tax until the last minute
and now all I have on my 
"art" desk is paperwork.
Blah, just like the old days
when I was a boring old bookkeeper.
Such a sad sight
and to make it worse,
the number one man in my life
is ill.
No, not my hubby
 he's way down the list.
It's my beautiful boy, Charlie the parrot.

He started picking at his feet and it wasn't mites.
Turns out he has extremely high
cholesterol, yes you heard right,
birds get high cholesterol
and no it wasn't all my fault,
well mostly, oh alright,
it was my fault.
I have had him for 24 years and fed him on 
the finest quality parrot seed and
what ever veggies we are having, 
in fact all the foods we eat
(he loves a good curry)
including his penchant for
Ferrero Rocher chocolates.
 But it was the seed that caused
most of the problems.
Who knew that you shouldn't feed a bird seed.

Once he's feeling better I have to put him 
on a strict diet of special pellets
and veggies
but he can still have the odd chocolate.

Trying to get his medication down his throat
is my biggest problem right now.
Who would have thought
this innocent looking little fellow
could be so strong and smart.
I've tried everything to get him to take his medicine.
It always ends the same,
I end up wearing the medicine.
If I put it on some food, he throws it at me.
If it gets put on some bread he throws it in his water bowl.
I tried holding him down but who knew he
could get that bottom beak around the top one
and bite a persons finger!
The vet assured me that all birds love this stuff
and it tastes like honey.
The only trouble is,
he isn't a bird, he's a flamin
 smart alec human wannabe!!

Just think how hard it's going to be to get
him off of seed and onto pellets.

Amidst the chaos of this week
I did do a little bit of painting
on my boat.
 I've started to add more light and shade
to the boat and
I added some oldness to the seats.
My teacher was explaining to us that there
should always be an element of death or age
Prior to shading.
to a painting to make it more real.
If you do a vase of flowers
there should always be a blemish or dead
leaf or petal.
So I decided to make the boat
a bit old and broken.

I'll do a bit to the hull as well
and then add some more contrast,
but it's looking good so far.

After a layer of shading, more to come.
Well that's me for this week,
now why don't you hop on over to
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this workdesk wednesday.

Did you notice that apart from the tax stuff,
the room is still quite tidy!!!!
Surely that's worth a couple of brownie points??

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Spring does scary things for WOYWW

There are people who go a bit loopy 
when there is a full moon
and there are people,
like me,
who, apart from being loopy
most of the time, go extra loopy
in springtime. 
Yes, spring has sprung with avengeance
around here.
I have to warn you, there is some scary
content further down this post.
Those weak of heart should sit down now.

But first, to my desk 

Nothing new here, it's been school holidays
so no art just madness.

Then on thursday we decided to go to Ikea.
Little Miss got lots for her room
an I got these little beauties
for my art room.

Trouble was, I couldn't move once they were in there.
That's when it happened.
I got this strange (spring has sprung) urge
and against all my better judgement,
this happened....


There was a white floor under all that mess!!
 Who would have thought, hey?

ARGH!!!  It's so clean.
I just couldn't help myself.
It started with just a little bag of rubbish
and then

this pile went to the rubbish tip
and the rest was spread around the lounge
Okay, so I won't show you the bad bit around the other corner, might be too much for you all.

See, my plan to take over lounge is working,

In my madness I noticed that I had a bare wall,
so I soon fixed that
with a load of my old pics.

I just hope that my messy room isn't like
Samson's hair.
Cut out the mess and cut out the creativity.
Bah, who am I kidding,
it'll be a mess again in no time.

A little bit of art was done,
think they are finished but I 
won't seal them yet.
Lovin these colours.
This sunset is covered in mica paints but they won't photograph so you'll just have to trust me.
 School holidays are over now
so I hope to actually get in and use
my "Studio" before it 
becomes a tip again.

Well, that's all my shock and excitement
for this wednesday,
now why don't you hop over to 
and see all the other desks around 
the world today.

P.S. Sorry about all the photo's Julia
but I had to document this problem
to warn others of the terrible
Spring has Sprung bug.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Being a cheapskate is not good this WOYWW

I have all sorts of goodies spread around
 my desks this week.  
I have something rare first

I tidied the inking station,
well not all of it but hey,
that's a lot for me.
Stop looking at the mess in the background,
you were lucky to see the front bit tidy.
You'd better look now as it won't last long!

Here's the main desk
 Back to the normal mess
but wait, there's something
Doctor Who added there!

Yes I know I'm sad but I couldn't resist
the sonic screwdriver pen and journal
and yes, that's a Tardis cup.

I added some water ripples to Mr P 
but being the cheapskate I am
I used up all of the mixed glaze rather than waste it
and now he's been over rippled.
I'll have to glaze over some of that white (sigh).

Being a cheapskate is really not good
when you need to do sketches.
I have three sets of glasses.
One for seeing, sunglasses and reading glasses.
In this country it is actually cheaper than getting 
graduated, self tanning (or as the boring people say,
light sensitive) glasses.
This seemed okay until I started to sketch
things a little further than my reading glasses could see.
Now I have to do this just to sketch

Of course I look like this, you don't think I would forget to put all the wrinkles in, do you?
and I have to tell you it ain't easy 
to balance all that lot
on your snoz.
I have to lift my head up and down 
to get the right lenses for which bit 
I want to see and it gets really confusing.
Plus my parrot doesn't like
me looking stranger than normal
and jumps up and tries to pull
the glasses off my nose,
that leads to putting the wrong glasses 
back on and I get really into a mess.
Now why don't I just get graduated glasses
for sketching, I hear you ask.
Well, that is my plan but you only get
one set of cheap glasses a year and
I've already had one this year,
so in my normal cheapskate way,
I've got to wait until next year to get them.
Until then it's double vision all the way.
Kinda gives a whole new meaning 
to four eyes, doesn't it?

Watch this space for some updates
(well I hope)
on my plan to take over the living room.
(mwa ha ha).
Now you've seen mine,
hop on over to 
and have a look at the other
desks around the world
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Friday, 19 September 2014

Too much poo cack is not a good thing.

I had a very rare whole day to paint today
and paint I did.
I bought my two inked paintings
home to work on
and decided to play with 
Mr P.

This is how he was when I brought him home

I roughed in his beak
gave him a bit of an eye
and a bit of shape to his beak.

I still have to refine it all 
but it's coming along nicely.

Except for his poo cack feathers.

Now my teacher is a
poo cack connoisseur,
she just loves that poo cack.
I, on the other hand resist it at every 
chance possible.
Yes De, I can hear you saying
you have to have poo cack to bring
out the bright colours.
But poo cack on his cute little feathers,
just can't stand it!!
Sorry De, I know you said NO
but I just had to do it.
Sorry about the toes, I inked some water and can't stand it upright yet.
Poo Cack GONE!!
Mwa ha ha, ooh the power,
I can sense the steam coming from 
my teachers ears,
ha ha ha ha ha......

See, even Mr P is smiling now!!!
Much as I hate to admit it,
a little poo cack is needed
just not on Mr P's feathers.

Happy painting everyone.
Linking up to PPF

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Eye to brain to hand, no can do for WOYWW

I wish I could say that I've cleaned up
my desks, I did do it in my mind
but the hands weren't willing.
It's really neat if you look past all the junk

There are four desks in my room,
if you look hard enough.
To the right is my big 'L' shaped desk,
at the back is my inking desk,
in the middle is my mobile desk
and to the left is my credenza/desk.
Actually I have an extra one,
on the floor is my tub full of desky things.

This is what I take to class and it's full of all sorts
of painty things like paint (duh), brushes, glazes,
pots etc.
Here is my inking station, wow, that sounds very official
it's really just a space to put all my inks and bits.

As you can see, all very well organised
(cough, cough).
Despite this mess and my teacher
trying to give me heart attacks,
 I've nearly finished three paintings.
Love the colours but have to paint in his face yet.

Boat colours are roughed in and needs to be finished.

Needs a little bit more colour in a few spots.
If you're wondering what the title is all about,
I have joined a sketch book class 
and was trying to practise before it begins.
One exercise is to look at a cup and draw it
without looking, sounds easy and probably should be,
as long as you are not me.
I had an almighty row going on in my brain when I tried this.
You see, your eyes are supposed
 to tell your brain what they see
and then the brain is supposed to tell the hand
what to draw but in my case
my hand is very strong willed and it was yelling at my eyes
saying it's always done the drawing and
back off eyes or else.
You can imagine how noisy it was getting 
in my little brain with the tooing and froing
between my eyes and hand. 
Needless to say, the hand won this round,
(the drawing was terrible)
my brain has no right or left side
just a muddle in the middle
and my eyes don't want to play any more.

This is going to be a long and 
very noisy (in my brain) 
sketch book course,
just hope I survive.
Wonder if the eyes will 
eventually win the war.

While my hands and eyes are still working,
on the keyboard at least,
I'll end off
but first why not hop over to
and see the the more normal people
are doing on this
work desk wednesday.

I finished my Sailboat picture the other day.