Friday, 19 September 2014

Too much poo cack is not a good thing.

I had a very rare whole day to paint today
and paint I did.
I bought my two inked paintings
home to work on
and decided to play with 
Mr P.

This is how he was when I brought him home

I roughed in his beak
gave him a bit of an eye
and a bit of shape to his beak.

I still have to refine it all 
but it's coming along nicely.

Except for his poo cack feathers.

Now my teacher is a
poo cack connoisseur,
she just loves that poo cack.
I, on the other hand resist it at every 
chance possible.
Yes De, I can hear you saying
you have to have poo cack to bring
out the bright colours.
But poo cack on his cute little feathers,
just can't stand it!!
Sorry De, I know you said NO
but I just had to do it.
Sorry about the toes, I inked some water and can't stand it upright yet.
Poo Cack GONE!!
Mwa ha ha, ooh the power,
I can sense the steam coming from 
my teachers ears,
ha ha ha ha ha......

See, even Mr P is smiling now!!!
Much as I hate to admit it,
a little poo cack is needed
just not on Mr P's feathers.

Happy painting everyone.
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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Eye to brain to hand, no can do for WOYWW

I wish I could say that I've cleaned up
my desks, I did do it in my mind
but the hands weren't willing.
It's really neat if you look past all the junk

There are four desks in my room,
if you look hard enough.
To the right is my big 'L' shaped desk,
at the back is my inking desk,
in the middle is my mobile desk
and to the left is my credenza/desk.
Actually I have an extra one,
on the floor is my tub full of desky things.

This is what I take to class and it's full of all sorts
of painty things like paint (duh), brushes, glazes,
pots etc.
Here is my inking station, wow, that sounds very official
it's really just a space to put all my inks and bits.

As you can see, all very well organised
(cough, cough).
Despite this mess and my teacher
trying to give me heart attacks,
 I've nearly finished three paintings.
Love the colours but have to paint in his face yet.

Boat colours are roughed in and needs to be finished.

Needs a little bit more colour in a few spots.
If you're wondering what the title is all about,
I have joined a sketch book class 
and was trying to practise before it begins.
One exercise is to look at a cup and draw it
without looking, sounds easy and probably should be,
as long as you are not me.
I had an almighty row going on in my brain when I tried this.
You see, your eyes are supposed
 to tell your brain what they see
and then the brain is supposed to tell the hand
what to draw but in my case
my hand is very strong willed and it was yelling at my eyes
saying it's always done the drawing and
back off eyes or else.
You can imagine how noisy it was getting 
in my little brain with the tooing and froing
between my eyes and hand. 
Needless to say, the hand won this round,
(the drawing was terrible)
my brain has no right or left side
just a muddle in the middle
and my eyes don't want to play any more.

This is going to be a long and 
very noisy (in my brain) 
sketch book course,
just hope I survive.
Wonder if the eyes will 
eventually win the war.

While my hands and eyes are still working,
on the keyboard at least,
I'll end off
but first why not hop over to
and see the the more normal people
are doing on this
work desk wednesday.

I finished my Sailboat picture the other day.



Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Evil teachers and snot for WOYWW

I was missing last week
I had a date with a few boxes of tissues.
It was one almighty snot fest,
you know the kind,
where the only way to sit upright is if you
stuff a tissue up each nostril and
just let them soak up the snot.
If you sit up without the tissues, the snot just comes
streaming out and floods everything in it's path,
even computer keyboards are in the firing line. 
Plus once the snot hits the cotton wool
inside my head it gets really heavy and I can't 
hold it up, hence, staying away from the computer
and just laying on the couch for quite a few days.

Today is the first day back into my art room since my last post
and of course nothing has changed desk wise
but I did go to class this week and did quite a bit.

 Remember this fellow, well I decided I didn't like it now
so we decided to take off a lot of the dark ink on the colourful water.
He's looking better now but my teacher had
 that evil glint in her eye.
That look of I'm gonna scare the pants off you now and
she made me mix up two pots of ink, one with turquoise and
sepia and one with purple and sepia.  
Now those of you who know me well, know that I hate the colour brown
and the thought of putting that poopy colour on
 made me go green.
I put in just one or two drops of sepia
 and then miss meanie
smiled and poured that stuff in like crazy. 
 I think they heard my protests in the next county!!
Trust me she said, with that evil grin and so it began, a dribble of this and a dribble
of that and ....
okay I told you that it needed the sepia in there
to bring out the colours (cough, cough).  
It still needs to dry and the colours will still move,
plus there is a lot of work to do on the pelican itself
but I have to admit that I really like it now.
Just wish we could get this result without 
 giving me a heart attack every time.

Just to prove it wasn't a fluke
I also inked the boat with the leftover inks

This was really fresh when I took the photo 
so it will move more but I like it.
I'm going to paint the boat properly, I think, 
may change my mind yet.

Now don't get me wrong, my teacher is fabulous 
at teaching us and I love her to bits
 but when she gets that evil glint in her eye,
 my heart starts to race
and that feeling of dread comes over me,
cos I know she is going to make me put 
poo cack all over my canvas!

Should have gone to class last week
and let the snot run free!!

Well that's my almost kinda desk 
for this week
so why not hop on over to 
and see the other desks around the world
this, now snot free, Wednesday.


Monday, 1 September 2014

Creative Blog Hop

I've been asked to join in the
Creative Blog Hop
by Shoshi.
I met Shoshi (Sue) through
WOYWW which is

Shoshi does unusual things with
teabags and makes all sorts of 
lovely crafty things in her huge craft room
(yes, I'm just a little jealous of her space).

The blog hop involves making a post on a monday
answering a few questions and then
nominating three other blogs to share the love.

Here are the questions and my answers:

1. What am I working on?

I'm currently experimenting with a more loose style of painting
using acrylics, inks and anything else I can play with.
I currently have seven canvasses on the go, all at
different stages of completion. 
I'm in an ocean mood at the moment and playing with 
sailboats and pelicans.
That's after my parrot mood where I painted
bright Lorikeets.

2.  How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I guess really in my work there is that element of 
blonde nutter in each piece.
Most of the work is crazy and bright with loosness
but I always like to add a little bit of
uptight and get it just right me,
somewhere in the piece.

3.  Why do I write/create? 

I've always loved to draw but had to
 work for a living, which was no fun.
I started painting when my last child was young
 and haven't wanted to do anything else since.
Painting keeps me sane, although many would say
I'm totally insane but hey, just imagine 
what I'd be like if I didn't have painting!

4.  How does my writing/creative process work?

I can get ideas from anywhere and then I try to find  photos
of that subject and from there it's to photoshop to get what
I think will work, draw it up onto a prepped canvas
and just let the imagination go.
Sometimes I will just paint and glaze a painting
and then on another I might put tons of gloop on,
then ink it and paint over that.
All of my paintings just seem to evolve rather than be
meticulously planned.  
I find it works better that way, 
plus I don't have the patience to plan.

I have two people who I would like to nominate 
for the next blog hop. 
They are both arty farty types like me.

1. Neesie.  I've known Neesie for quite some time now.
We met online when she was living in Melbourne
and still keep in touch now that she has moved
to Bonnie Old Scotland.
Neesie is a fabulous artist, photographer and cook.
 Her work is gorgeous
and her posts extremely funny.
I would urge you to visit her blog for
some highland hijinx. 

2. Sandra Busby.  I met Sandra online a long time ago too,
it was her fabulous paintings of glass
 that led me to her blog.
 Sandra is an incredible artist who works in oils. 
 Her glass paintings are second to none
 and she does the most adorable teddy bears. 
Sandra also has a news letter 
which is very informative and she often shares
how her work is done with a series of photos.
I've learned quite a few things from her blog.

Now I've given them a little introduction
and if you're still awake after my waffling,
maybe you could go and visit their blogs.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A big oops this WOYWW

Here's my desk this week

I have new goodies.
A camera bag to help stop getting paint on my camera,
A new blank drawing book,
a Doctor Who Watch inside the box,
my thumb (I get bored waiting at school pickup)
and a DVD by my teacher
(more on that later in the post).

 I had one of those weeks.
A blonde week you could say.
On monday I decided to 
ink my pelican canvas 
in my new desk area.
It started okay
But went down hill from there
I kept looking at it thinking 
something isn't right but couldn't put my finger on it.
Then, when it was too late to do anything about it,
I realised I had forgotten to put the white ink on
and it was all dark and clear and yukky
and blah.
 Never fear, my fabulous teacher
came to the rescue.
With a slop here and a dash there
 it's looking better already.
(Sorry, photo taken on my phone)
Still a long way to go and my teacher
did ninety percent of the large scale glooping.
I'm a newbie glooper and not too good 
on the big stuff. It tends to fall off of my
knife and looks more like a pelican poo
than a water ripple.
I often talk about my teacher but I've never
told you about her.
Her name is De Gillett, she's just as mad as me
(that's why we get on so well)
and is a fabulous artist that I aspire to.
If you want to learn to ink like me
go to Under the Arts Tree and you can 
buy the dvd (first in a series).
It's fab and fun and if I can ink
anyone can! 
Just remember to add the white ink!!

I did a bit more to my sunset canvas too

 Actually, looking at this photo,
the horizon looks like it's going up towards the boat.
Oh poo, guess I should go and check the canvas
(hope it's just my bad photography). 

My art progression into the lounge went a little backwards
this week.  It was raining and I had to put my washing
in there, no photos cos you don't need to see
my knickers hanging up!

That's me for this weeks
What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday
now why not hop over to
and check out the other desks.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Heaven is ......

Heaven is
managing to do some painting
on a Sunday afternoon
and streaming
Doctor Who
on the computer.

Life is good.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

More glooping for WOYWW

 First up my desk (s)
What's that you say, 
nothing to see here (apart from mess of course)
That's because my plan to take over the living room
is picking up speed (mwa ha ha).
I've now got at least 3/4 of the room and have plans to remove
the furniture one piece at a time
and disperse it among the other rooms.

Then I can move out a few cupboards
in my art room, put them in the lounge
 and steal Big Miss's desk from her bedroom
 (she doesn't use it anyway).
 I will have the perfect inking table
and room to splash about.
They'll never notice
ha ha ha.

I've been a busy girl
in the time I've had to play
in my present art room.
First I drew up and spattered
a pelican canvas
Then yesterday I glooped it
and this morning I glooped it some more.
During this week I also drew up, 
spattered and glooped this sunset
 Now for the fun bit, I get to ink it
after lunch.
I do love a good inking in the afternoon!!

I did learn two things this morning,
well okay I found out the hard way but
I'll probably do the same thing
over and over again.
When glooping with  bright colours
1.  Make sure you put your hair up
BEFORE you start. When that stuff dries
in your hair it really hurts to get it out!
2.  Don't hang out your sheets when
you are half way through glooping!
Luckily my sheets, although white, have pretty
little frangipani flowers on them.
Now they have a lot more petals,
if you get my drift.
I guess I could have said wash your
hands before hanging out the washing
but that would have been sensible
now wouldn't it.

While I figure out how to get that couch 
out of the living room and get it
into the upstairs living room
why not hop over to 
and see what the more
 sane people are doing on their
desks around the world.
Mwa ha ha.

Sorry, been watching too much
Austin Powers.

Also linking to PPF